The first draft of a business plan is never realistic. When an entrepreneur writes a plan, it inevitably changes as new information is gathered. Another factor that makes the original draft unrealistic is that it is difficult to ensure that the written part – in front of the plan, as well as the operational, personnel and marketing plans – tells exactly the same story as the financial part. At this stage of the work, it is necessary to make the necessary changes to the plan to make it as realistic as possible.

There are two possible feedback loops in the “realistic business plan” phase. The first returns to the original concept phase of the business plan if the original business plan needs to be significantly modified before it can be made realistic. The second feedback loop returns to the business model phase, where the business developer must re-evaluate the business model. As shown in Figure 8, the developer of a business plan needs to adapt to a progressive research framework, he may need to conduct further research before completing the “Make the Business Plan Realistic” phase and move on. The plan attracts stakeholders.

Design for attractiveness to stakeholders and desirable for the entrepreneur

A business plan can be realistic without contacting potential investors and other external stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, and necessary business partners. It can also be realistic (and potentially attractive to stakeholders) without being desirable to the entrepreneur. At this point, the entrepreneur considers the business plan realistic and adapts the plans to attract potential investors and themselves.

For example, if investors are required to finance start-ups, some adjustments should be relatively comprehensive in order to meet the needs of potential investors in terms of the exit strategy of the company, taking into account the expected return on investment and giving them confidence. ensure that the entrepreneur can achieve everything promised in the plan. In these and other cases, the entrepreneur also needs to get what he wants from his business, so it is worth striving to start and run it. So this step in adapting to a changing business plan can be quite extensive and they need to be better informed by understanding what investors need from a business proposal before investing. You should also be told about clear goals that will make the business profitable for the entrepreneur.

Caution at this stage is to weigh the need to make realistic plans for the desire to achieve the entrepreneur’s goal, while avoiding being prevented from abandoning the idea of ​​continuing to implement the business idea. When an entrepreneur believes that a proposed company meets a qualified market need, there is often a way to raise the necessary funding to set up and run a business while achieving the entrepreneur’s main goals. However, this can lead to significant changes in the business model.

One of the feedback loops in Figure 8 shows that the business plan developer needs to adapt the concept of the business plan while ensuring that it remains realistic before it can be made attractive to stakeholders and desirable to the entrepreneur. The second feedback loop suggests that it may be necessary to return to the business model phase to restore the framework and plans needed to develop a realistic, compelling, and desirable business plan. In addition, placing this phase in a progressive research box suggests that the business plan developer may need further research.

Completion of business plan

In the last step, the business plan gets the final touch so that it is presented correctly to (potential) investors. It is important to ensure that the links between mathematics and the written and financial part are correct. In addition, it must be ensured that all necessary corrections in spelling, grammar and formatting are made. Final goals should be written to appeal to intended readers and reflect the words of the business plan.

Preparing Your Slot Machine Business Plan – Hiring a Consultant

Preparing a slot machine business plan is a crucial first step before you start gambling, but some people are afraid of the actual planning process. They fear that the process will involve a long and arduous process, or they just don’t have the time to devote to it properly. What they do not realize is that preparing a business plan for any type of business is an essential part of being successful. You cannot succeed unless you put in the necessary time, effort, and money into preparing a great scheme.

Preparing business plans for casinos, slot machines, or any other type of business planning involves a few simple steps. The first of these steps is to decide which type of business you want to go into. For example, if you have decided that you want to open a casino-type Jammin jars of business , then your preparation has already begun. You have identified the type of location you want, the kind of machines you want to run, the marketing you plan to use, and even how you intend to pay each employee. Once you know what you want to do, all you need to do next is to figure out how you will go about doing it.

Another factor in preparing a business plan for either a casino slot machine, or even a restaurant is hiring a consultant. Hiring a consultant is probably one of the most important things that you can do while preparing a business plan. Without a consultant, you will be working blind. A good consultant will be able to help you analyze the competition, show you good marketing ideas, and help you determine how you will go about financing the business. So if you’re ready to get started, make sure that you take the time to prepare a really good business plan – especially hiring a consultant!